• Oarhe Onohomehae Fortunate

    Oarhe Onohomehae Fortunate

    Material Engineering student, writer. In love with self growth.

  • Ojochenemi oruma

    Ojochenemi oruma

    Writer. Student. Weirdo

  • Mariam Adekola

    Mariam Adekola

    Student | Frontend Development Enthusiast | Writing is a lifelong passion. I think it, I write it.

  • Marcie Jones

    Marcie Jones

    Niche indie app developer. Tech stack: Ionic Framework or React Native, Firebase, MongoDb, or SQL. Hobbies: singing barbershop harmony and meditation.

  • Temiloluwa Onajinrin

    Temiloluwa Onajinrin

    I love words.

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